Life on Mounjaro: Weeks 6 thru 8

Just a short post to update my progress on Mounjaro …

On Saturday, April 8th, I took my 8 weekly shot of Mounjaro. At this point, the side effects as far as nausea and constipation have mostly waned. I am still experiencing appetite suppression and there are certain foods (even some that I once loved) that nearly turn my stomach at the thought of consuming. These foods are mostly high sugar and processed carb-laden foods. Pizza, burgers, chips, and candy have zero appeal to me at the moment. Which astounds me due to my legendary snacking ability!


So far, just over seven weeks in, I have lost a total of 24.1 lbs on Mounjaro. I have also begun monitoring my blood sugar and blood pressure more consistently. Through the use of a Libre 2 Constant Glucose Monitor, I have been able to keep a close watch on my sugar and over the last week or so my numbers have been phenomenal. I have also started seeing some better blood pressure readings as of late. Having read some good things about Mounjaro’s impact on BP, I’m hoping this trend continues.

Moving Forward

The good news is my insurance company finally delivered the approval for me to continue my Mounjaro regimen. Being Type 2 Diabetic, I had sincerely hoped and prayed this would finally happen and for the next year at least it appears I am covered.

For my third month on the medication, I will continue on the 5.0 dose. My plan is to remain on 5.0 for as long as I am having results.

I am blessed to be on this medication and it continues to give me the edge when it comes to my relationship with food. Mounjaro this far continues to be a miracle drug.


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