My name is Clark Goble. I am an imperfect disciple of Jesus Christ trying my best to follow His perfect example. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife and together we have five nearly adult children. I serve as the Director of Education and Bible Study Teacher in my local church. I have a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from the Baptist Bible College & Seminary as well as undergraduate degrees in Integrated Studies and Social Sciences. I am a writer that explores a variety of genres including Biblical Studies, fiction, and poetry … and  I often blog and tweet what I am learning, reading, and thinking about.

Though I serve on the staff of my local church, the posts you find on this blog represent no particular church or denomination. I alone am responsible and accountable for the content here both good and bad.

Published Works

  • Devotionals: I have been published in both the The Upper Room (Nov-Dec 2013) and BBC&S’ (now Summit University), The Anchor. My new devotional, Humbled in the Gym“, will appear in the Fall 2018 issue of The Secret Place. 
  • Malfus and the Witch (Fiction) – published in A Flame in the Dark
  • The Priest and his Demon-Hunting Dog (Fiction)- published in Flashes in the Dark
  • Tea for Two (Fiction) – published in Flashshot
  • Lord William (Fiction) – published in Farther Stars Than These
  • Wailing (Poetry) – published in Every Day Poets
  • Backwoods Witch (Christian Horror): This short story can be purchased on Amazon.

Backwoods Witch





Contact Info: cdgoble<at>gmail<dot>com






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