Book Review of "A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture" by Keith A. Mathison

reformedapproachTitle: A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture
Author: Keith A. Mathison
Completed: 6-27-14

Essentially, this little book is a commentary on a statement made by theologian R.C. Sproul. It serves somewhat as a guide for scientists and theologians to come to terms when disagreements arise. The basic argument of the book is as follows:

1. All truth is God’s truth. 
2. God reveals truth in two ways – General Revelation (nature/science) and Special Revelation (Word of God). 
3. Both General and Special Revelation are infallible, however, they are both subject at times to fallible interpretations. 
4. If a conflict between science and the Bible arises, it can only be one of three things – the scientist holds a flawed interpretation of his data, the theologian holds a flawed interpretation of Scripture, or both are wrong. 

Mathison reminds the reader of the historical view of geocentrism and that many theologians (Calvin and Luther specifically) clung to a flawed interpretation of Scripture despite Copernicus proving them wrong. As such, it is possible for science, while interpreting infallible general revelation, to inform and educate the theologian. This point is made to argue for a generous relationship between science and theology. Too often, theologians assume the scientist is wrong while the scientist assumes the theologian is wrong – in reality, both scenarios are possible. 

The author does remind the reader that in cases where science seems to directly contradict God’s Word, it is God’s Word that gets the nod. However, the theologian must be sure of his interpretation before taking a stand. 

I would have rated this little book higher had the author applied its principles to the arguments concerning evolution. Rather, Mathison applies his principals to the age of the universe. It was interesting, but it left me wanting more. It does, however, serve as a decent introduction to the subject of science and religion.

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