Review of Thom S. Rainer's "The Millennials"

MillennialsTitle: The Millennials
Authors: Thom S. Rainer and Jess Rainer

For the majority of this book I was tempted to give up on this book. Author Thom S. Rainer and his son Jess spend the first 250 pages or so offering endless statistics concerning the Millennial generation (those born between 1980 and 2000). Much of it is quite repetitive. The Millennials are good with technology, confused about money, dedicated to their families, and indifferent to the Church. The information was gleaned through multiple interviews with Millennials and while useful, the authors seem to drag it out and repeat themselves endlessly. In addition, the writers back and forth between themselves in mid paragraph often enough that it became rather annoying.

However, despite its flaws, the last chapter of this book makes up for it when the Rainers offer ways the Church can and should respond to the Millennial generation. Church leaders are offered strategies to interact with and attract members of the Millennial generation with could prove to be invaluable.

I did find it most encouraging that despite their indifference to the Church, the Rainers are hopeful that the Millennials could make in impact in our world for Christ. It seems quite apparent that the small percentage of Millennials who self-identify themselves as Evangelical Christians and are dedicated to a local church stand poised to take radical steps to reach the lost for Christ.

This book is definitely worth the read for Church leaders who want to develop strategies to reach the Millennial generation.

Review of "I Am a Church Member" by Thom S. Rainer

churchmemberTitle: I Am a Church Member
Author: Thom S. Rainer

Thom S. Rainer, the President of Lifeway Publishing, is known for his blog and ministry aimed at helping church leaders. In this little book, he turns his attention to church members. In the current “fast food, have it your way” climate of the church, Rainer’s book is a call to church members to reevaluate their membership in and dedication to the local church.

It is a valuable book that every church member and leader should read.

Review of "The Unexpected Journey" by Thom S. Rainer

JourneyThis book chronicles Thom Rainer’s one year journey with his wife to interview people who turned from other religions to Christianity. I enjoyed every page of the book. Admittedly, some of the stories left a bigger impression on me than others, but each proved to demonstrate how God works in people’s lives. I would have have added it to my “must read”, however, I felt that the writing got a little choppy toward the end of the book and I would have appreciated a little more detail in some of the stories.

If you’ve ever wondered how God works to draw people out of alternative faiths to Biblical Christianity, than you will find this book very interesting.