Review of John MacArthur's "Slave"


Title: Slave
Author: John MacArthur

In his book, “Slave”, John MacArthur explores the Greek word ‘doulos‘ (‘slave’ in English) as it occurs throughout Scripture and notes how its meaning has often been lost in modern translations of the Bible. MacArthur than masterfully presents the Gospel through the lens of this ‘slave’ metaphor as it is depicted in God’s Word. As such, the first forty or so pages of this book really blew me away and added a new layer of depth to my understanding to the Gospel.

MacArthur then takes the reader through a progression of what it means to be Christ’s slave, God’s adopted child, and a citizen of Heaven. Along the way, he presents the tenets of Calvinism wrapped in the context of a 1st Century slavery metaphor.

The book also includes a study guide for small group study and is extensively notated. I highly recommend it.