Things I Would Endorse if People Cared that I Endorsed Things: Mission Instant Cooling Towel

img_1312-e1538843333908.jpgTrue confession time. When I run, I sweat. In fact, I sweat a lot. There are times I can wring the sweat out of my clothes and it looks like I’ve been swimming. It’s especially bad if the weather is hot and humid. So for longish runs, I have gotten in the habit of tucking a hand towel into my running belt just in case I need to dry off mid run. On my way to a recent 20k trail run, however, it occurred to me I had forgotten a towel, so I stopped in the local Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick one up and I found the Instant Cooling Towel made by Mission.

This thing is pretty cool. You simply wet it, wring it out, and give it a snap to activating its cooling effect. It remains cool and damp for a crazy long time. Its great for cooling off mid run and wiping the sweat off after a run before getting in the car. I don’t have a clue how it works, but it really does work. Best thing is that it is machine washable and reusable. I like it so much that I just ordered a new ball cap made with the same technology. I look forward to trying it out as well!

If you want to get your own cooling towel, it will cost you about 20 bucks. I bought mine at Dick’s, but Mission is on Amazon and has their own website as well.

Note: I was not compensated in any way for this review, but if Mission wants to send me some products to try out for future reviews, I will not complain! 


Google Chrome Was Killing My MacBook!

Last night I was trying to work on a sermon using my MacBook Pro. During the course of my work, I was switching between my Logos Bible Software, Microsoft Word, and a number of tabs on Google Chrome when my MacBook grinded to a near halt. If I clicked on anything, and I mean anything, I got the dreaded beachball of doom for several minutes. Just trying to empty my trash was futile. Needless to say, after four hours of dealing with my uncooperative Mac, I was no longer in the mood to write a sermon.

This morning I woke up on the verge of ordering a new Mac that I really can’t afford. Fortunately, my common sense kicked in and  I decided to revisit the situation and try to figure out what was going on. I had already tried to restart the computer several times with no success in speeding it up. This morning I ran diagnostics which revealed there was no problem with my hard drive. I then googled diagnostic options and found a recommendation to run the Activity Monitor to see what processes were eating up my CPU. Low and behold one single process was using 120% of my CPU – Google Chrome Helper. 

A quick web search led me to this article on, ‘How to Fix a Slow Mac: Your Chrome Browser Might Be the Problem‘. As it turns out, Elan sped up her Mac by simply quitting Google Chrome. So I gave it a shot. Just by quitting Google Chrome and using Safari instead, my speed issues seem to have been resolved.

Apparently, it may be possible to kill Google Chrome Helper without giving up Google Chrome itself (see this article), but as much as I like Chrome, it was much easier to just turn it off.

Having problems with the speed on your mac? Turn Chrome off and see if it helps.


My 5 Favorite iPhone Apps

 My wife often refers to me as the “King of Apps,” which I’m pretty sure is intended as a slam, however, I choose to take it as a compliment. Who doesn’t want to be royalty, right? But I do enjoy my phone and especially enjoy a good app, so I thought I would compile a top 5 list of my favorite ones. The criteria I used for judging was simple; the list had to be comprised of apps I use frequently and have worked to make my life either easier or more enjoyable. So here you go, in descending order:

5. Google Drive: This app makes it possible for me to access important documents from any weapon in my arsenal; my MacBook, my iPhone, iPad, or Mac Mini. I know there are other apps out there, including Apple’s Cloud (or whatever it’s called), but Google Drive was the first I figured out and it does everything I want it to do.

4. Weight Watchers Mobile: This might seem like a boring choice, but this app (which is available with a paid Weight Watchers membership) allows me to log and track all my food and activity points with ease. I don’t know how anyone could do Weight Watchers without it.

3. Scribd: I subscribe to the Scribd digital book service. For a low, monthly fee I can download and read as many of their books I want. I use their app on both my Kindle and my iPhone. I love it. About 90% of all my reading is in digital form (between the Scribd and Kindle apps) and I don’t miss physical books at all. They take up a lot of space and aren’t nearly as portable as a digital book.

2. YouVersion Bible App: This app is fantastic! I often tweet what I’m studying and YouVersion allows me to easily select and copy a verse and tweet it. This app also makes it and easy compare and contrast different translations, which often comes in handy. I’ve even used it in church to follow along with the pastor’s sermons. This app would have been number 1 but nothing is more satisfying to me than making notes in and highlighting my various physical study Bibles.

1. Walkmeter: I use this app for every workout. The premium version allows me to switch between various workouts (I’m currently using it to follow the couch to 5k program), control my music accompaniment, and share my progress via social media. Meanwhile, it tracks my pace, distance, calorie burn, and a whole host of other interesting statistics.

There you have it. Several apps almost made the list and deserved honorable mentions including the Walgreens, Spotify, and Maps apps.

And yes … I wrote this post from my iPhone using the WordPress app. What else would you expect from the King of Apps?