Mini Book Review of “A Blistering Pace” by Marc Frost, MD

I enjoyed this read for multiple reasons. First, I am am a big fan of race director Laz Lake, but I must admit I more familiar with his Backyard Ultras and Barkley Marathons. By reading this book, I was able to familiarize myself with his Heart of the South multi-day, multi-state format. My interest was really peaked when author Marc Frost shared he was suffering from a torn meniscus as he set out on this adventure. I am currently plagued by the same injury and need to find inspiration wherever available!

Frost details the adventure that is the Heart of the South in a way that is honest, humorous, and accessible. As a fellow older runner, I found this book greatly inspirational. And as a runner who never had much speed … I am happy events like the Heart of the South exist!

Frost shared in this book that he walked this entire event … and <spoiler alert> … he finished quite will. Knowing this makes me wonder if I could train for a similar adventure.

I highly recommend this book if you are interested in ultra distance running events.


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