Google Chrome Was Killing My MacBook!

Last night I was trying to work on a sermon using my MacBook Pro. During the course of my work, I was switching between my Logos Bible Software, Microsoft Word, and a number of tabs on Google Chrome when my MacBook grinded to a near halt. If I clicked on anything, and I mean anything, I got the dreaded beachball of doom for several minutes. Just trying to empty my trash was futile. Needless to say, after four hours of dealing with my uncooperative Mac, I was no longer in the mood to write a sermon.

This morning I woke up on the verge of ordering a new Mac that I really can’t afford. Fortunately, my common sense kicked in and  I decided to revisit the situation and try to figure out what was going on. I had already tried to restart the computer several times with no success in speeding it up. This morning I ran diagnostics which revealed there was no problem with my hard drive. I then googled diagnostic options and found a recommendation to run the Activity Monitor to see what processes were eating up my CPU. Low and behold one single process was using 120% of my CPU – Google Chrome Helper. 

A quick web search led me to this article on, ‘How to Fix a Slow Mac: Your Chrome Browser Might Be the Problem‘. As it turns out, Elan sped up her Mac by simply quitting Google Chrome. So I gave it a shot. Just by quitting Google Chrome and using Safari instead, my speed issues seem to have been resolved.

Apparently, it may be possible to kill Google Chrome Helper without giving up Google Chrome itself (see this article), but as much as I like Chrome, it was much easier to just turn it off.

Having problems with the speed on your mac? Turn Chrome off and see if it helps.


3 thoughts on “Google Chrome Was Killing My MacBook!

  1. CDGoble February 3, 2017 / 9:25 am

    Thanks Elan! It worked like a charm! I’ve since taken Chrome off all my desktop as well and am learning to embrace Safari!


    • Magna Mentis March 8, 2018 / 6:13 pm

      of course main thing is that it works for you and that you’re fine with it 🙂

      beside that IMO that is not a solution but a workaround and a poor one as that.


      because, and that of course depends on personal needs and preferences, when it comes to features and customization chrome is by far the better browser and it’s a pity of some kind (loss of functionality)
      to simply get rid of chrome.

      that alone would not be enough were chrome permanently misbehaving in on or another way but:

      a) it isn’t

      b) i’m running chrome for really many years on up to 13 devices and for the way biggest part of that
      . period there were not the slightest issues with chrome, while i encountered quite a few with safari.

      c) i use chrome on at least to computers simultaneously ( via remote management/screen sharing)
      . and after a reboot encountered the issue that is the topic of this thread on one machine while there
      . was no such a thing on the other.

      d) whatever the individual reason might be, (it seems to differ) in my case i skipped google’s home/search
      . page and chose another site and it went away. means that it’s the google website
      . that was causing the issue on one browser on only one device. a reboot solved it.

      what i’m trying to say is that it’s not a really good idea to throw good tools to the trash because of an issue that was not narrowed down to find the culprit (proper troubleshooting) and it’s quite certain that many users are loosing out on great stuff because of a minor intermittent and temporary glitch

      why am i posting such a long post=

      because i find it a pity if people don’t use good things because they heard about a solution that
      of course works, but was not a solution. (pouring the child out with the bath, a german saying, not sure whether the translation works LOL)

      without driving in a car i won’t have a car accident, but then i would need other means of transportation and they are not without risk as well or, i won’t get nowhere or not in time. not a solution either way.


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