Phantom Menace with less Jar Jar

While browsing Youtube yesterday I stumbled across a fan edit of Star Wars: Phantom Menace referred to as the “Mature Edition.” The mature in this case refers to a cut from fan Matthew Fisher that is less juvenile than the original. Basically, Fisher has cut out portions of the film with Jar Jar Binks that aren’t critical to the film. He has also removed some of the droid voice effects. His goal was to present a version of the film “with a much more serious tone to match A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.” For the most part, it works. In all honesty, nothing can turn the Phantom Menace into a good movie, but less Jar Jar does equal better. Of course, there’s nothing Fisher could do about the poor acting and terrible special effects, but he did his best … and I appreciate it. He has also posted cuts of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. I’ll link to them after I get a chance to watch them.


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