Running as an Act of Worship

tumblr_nw5s63GsbW1uskctzo1_1280On my morning run today I tried something different. Instead of listening to worship music I opted for a podcast. My reasoning seemed solid, I could get in my run and listen to one of my favorite podcasts that I never seem to have time for – two birds, one stone. Listening to the podcast during my run was a success time-wise, and I even managed to clock one of my better paces, but I found I missed my normal routine.

Typically, my runs begin with prayer. I reflect back on the prior day and have a talk with God about both the good and the bad. I ask Him to forgive my transgressions and then run through my daily prayers. I then crank up the praise music and celebrate with God the blessings of being able to run. Currently, I’m on a Tobymac kick (it’s a kick that’s lasted about three months); his music is both fast-paced and packed with praise. Occasionally, much to the chagrin of my fellow runners, I even catch myself singing out loud. I’m positive the city is working up an ordinance to address my lack of vocal skills.

The point is that my entire run becomes about God rather than about me. I may look like a solitary runner, but the truth is God is right there with me. My run is then transformed from simple exercise into an act of worship. Because of this, my runs are among the high points of my week.

And I missed that worship this morning. 

So with my apologies to Albert Mohler and his The Briefing podcast, it’s back to worship tomorrow.



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