Review of "Cycle of Lies" by Juliet Macur

cycleTitle: Cycle of Lies
Author: Juliet Macur

There was a time in my life when I was a card-carrying fanboy of Lance Armstrong. His heroics on and off the bicycle were a source of great inspiration for me. I must admit that I bought his story hook, line, and sinker. When the truth came out concerning his use of performance-enhancing drugs, along with the pervasiveness of such drugs in the pro cycling tour, I kind of quit following him and the sport all together. This book served to remind me why I no longer pay much attention to Lance. His sophisticated program of doping on the pro tour more closely resembled a mob ring than a training program. In some ways, Lance and the other riders were victims of a corrupt system that encouraged the use of performance enhancers. However, Armstrong’s bold-faced denials and attacks on the sport’s whistle-blowers blew any chance of sympathy on my part. I recommend this book for anyone interested in Armstrong or professional cycling. Be warned though that Lance and his buddies have a bad case of potty-mouths.

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