Review of Laaser and Earle's "The Pornography Trap"


Title: The Pornography Trap
Authors: Mark Lasser & Ralph Earle Jr. 

Statistics suggest that pastors and others Christians struggle mightily with addictions to online pornography. In fact, it could be argued that despite the problem pornography presents it is, by and large, ignored from most pulpits. This book bills itself as a “resource for ministry leaders” and explores the personal stories of several pastors who have succumb to pornography or other sexual addictions. The authors then offer possible theories and explanations as to how pastors arrive at such a point and concludes with possible avenues for offering assistance.

I applaud the authors for shedding light on a topic that is often considered taboo. Unfortunately, I feel the book spends too much time exploring the “whys” of pornography addiction and not enough time putting tools in leader’s hands for counseling and healing.

I was also somewhat troubled with the authors’ penchant for making comments such as “we have found” without detailing how they arrived at such a conclusion. In other places, the authors suggest statics, such as “two-thirds if all pastors are addicted to pornography” without revealing the source of their numbers.

Readers should be warned that this book can be graphic at times in its depictions of sexual addictions. The easily offended may want to steer clear. For what it’s worth, I think the book takes a baby step in the right direction, but ultimately left me without answers.

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