Review of Rosenberg's "The Tehran Initiative"


Title: The Tehran Initiative
Author: Joel C. Rosenberg

This book starts fairly slow with the author working recaps of book one in the series throughout the narrative. As a result, Rosenberg doesn’t really hit his stride until about a hundred pages in. From that point on, however, I couldn’t put the book down. It has all the classic elements of a spy story. The protagonist, David Shirazi, is operating amid the backdrop of war between Iran, led by the twelfth Imam, and Israel. Along with the international intrigue, Rosenberg also includes the spiritual. His characters, through flawed and imperfect, live their faith in a way that is believable and practical. This book is easily as good as the first book in the series (The Twelfth Imam) and I am looking forward to the final book of the trilogy.

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