Review of "I, Saul" by Jerry B. Jenkins

I, SaulTITLE: I, Saul
AUTHOR: Jerry B. Jenkins

This book by Jerry Jenkins (of Left Behind fame) alternates between the modern adventures of theology professor Augustine Knox and the Apostle Paul during the first century. Eventually, the two stories collide as Knox gets caught up in the discovery of Paul’s memoirs and the illicit activities of those who seek to profit from the find.

I enjoyed this book, however, Jenkins seemed to have a much better handle on the first century timeline than its modern counterpart. The characters of Paul and Luke (along with Timothy and Mark in bit parts) seem very believable and I found myself drawn into their story. However, it took me awhile to warm up to the modern timeline. The characters were less real and harder to like. By the latter stages of the story, however, I found myself fully engaged.

In my opinion, the writing in this book far surpasses that found in the majority of the Left Behind books and it was a fun read.

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