Books Read in 2013: No. 7 – Think and Live: Challenging Believers to Think and Thinkers to Believe

thinkandliveTitle: Think and Live: Challenging Believers to Think and Thinkers to Believe
Author: Paul Hughes
Date Completed: April 20, 2013

This book distills posts and resources from into one book. The result is tremendous. The title of the book is the stated goal – readers are asked to think, and live. The formula is fairly simple. In the first half of the book, readers are presented with a basic Christian apologetic. Chapters include Behold the Man, Only Logical, Risen Indeed, and Moral Miracles (among others). In the second half, readers are challenged to shape their lives around their beliefs. Chapters in the section include An Excellent Pursuit, Admirably Christian, and Love. I am appreciative for the approach. From the book:

So Christian belief, following on Christian thought, means to be ready to act as if what God says is so. Life and faith includes both … apologetics includes both.

Our beliefs should cause us to reexamine the way we live our lives. Christianity shouldn’t be simply an academic pursuit and the contributors to this book understand that. I highly recommend this work for anyone interested in apologetics.

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