Books Read in 2013: N0. 4 – The Time Machine by H.G. Wells


Title: The Time Machine
Author: H.G. Wells
Date Completed: Feb 18, 2013

Years ago I read a children’s edition of this book and loved it. The imagination of my youth was captivated by the notion of time travel. I decided it was time to revisit this classic when I found a free edition of it for the kindle and I wasn’t disappointed. I must say, the notion of time travel is still intriguing. I enjoyed the Time Traveler’s interaction with his contemporaries (the scenes that open the book) a great deal more than I did Wells’ vision of the future. Perhaps I am to far removed from the political and social statements Wells interjected into the story, but it fell just a little flat with me as the story progressed. Had Wells included just a hair more action into the story I would have definitely given it a five-star rating.

If you like to read science fiction, this is a must read.




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