Books Read in 2013: No. 3 – Beauty and the Mark of the Beast: A Dispensational Thriller

15783013Title: Beauty and the Mark of the Beast: A Dispensational Thriller
Date Completed: January 20, 2013

I am a big fan of the books Ted Kluck wrote with Kevin DeYoung (Why We Are Not Emergent and Why We Love the Church) so I eagerly picked up this book. Doing so was a tragic mistake. I found no enjoyment whatsoever in this whimsical tale. Kluck’s goal is to address dispensationalism and premillenialism with his tongue firmly in cheek, however, the book comes off as mean-spirited to me. Perhaps Kluck’s humor is just lost on me or perhaps I am just too serious by nature, but something here didn’t work for me.

For instance, one of the main characters of the book is Ted Strongbow. Strongbow is clearly a parody of Tim Tebow and is presented in a rather unflattering light. The whole time I was reading the book I was wondering how the real Tebow would feel if he read it. I just found the whole thing unbecoming of Christians.

In addition, I found the author’s writing amateurish and difficult to follow. The book describes itself as being “written by committee” with several contributing writers. This, I believe, is one of its problems. The transitions from chapter to chapter are jumpy and un-smooth and there is a sense of piling on. I can imagine the writers sitting around over some brewskies making fun of the Christians they disagree with. Their humor would have been best left in their basement.

There just isn’t much good to say about this book. If given a second chance, I would avoid it.

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