It's All Greek to Me

I am nearing the end of my quest for a Master of Arts Bible degree. While part of me would like to think I am finally about to reach the end of what has been a very long tunnel, to reach my academic goals there will probably be more education in my future. Ideally, I would like to study on the doctoral level in either Philosophy or Apologetics. However, there is just one problem – Greek.

Most doctoral programs require either a number of classes in Greek or Hebrew or that the applicant passes a proficiency exam. Unfortunately, I do not know either. When I am conducting an in-depth study of Scripture, I often rely on a free program called E-Sword that allows me to look up passages in their original language. The program is a great tool, however, I have yet to develop any skills at reading the Bible in its original language without the assistance of technology. So, I’ve decided to change that. I’m currently looking around my community with the hope of finding someone that teaches Greek. In the meantime, I purchased a textbook by William D. Mounce titled ‘Basics of Biblical Greek‘. The book comes with a workbook and a DVD for video lessons and flash cards and such. The first lesson is for the student to learn the Greek alphabet (uppercase, lowercase, and pronunciation). I’ve almost got it down. Years ago, I was required to memorize the Greek alphabet as an initiation for a fraternity I was in, but the alcohol-fueled activity was probably more of a hindrance than help in my latest exploit.

Basically, I just printed out the following chart and have been memorizing it by rote.

GreekAlphabetI’ve almost got the whole alphabet down. I wonder, however, if there is anyone out there that has learned beginning Greek on their own and if they have any tips or recommendations (strategies, books, or study plans) that they would be willing to share with me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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