Books Read in 2013: No. 1 – Toward a Theology of Pipesmoking

Author Arthur D. Yunker – taken from

Toward a Theology of Pipesmoking by Arthur D. Yunker

This was actually a bit of a second read for me, but my first go around was more of a skim and I enjoyed the opportunity to take a closer look at this short work. Yunker wrote Toward a Theology of Pipesmoking with his tongue firmly in cheek and the result is a charming and engaging little book. The author begins by refuting the traditional arguments against pipesmoking and then makes a case for the practice. He also includes a myriad of practical advice for those who engage in the practice.

Best of all, Yunker writes all of this using the language of theology. while his work is meant to be humorous, he makes an honest argument that pipesmoking, when practiced ethically, is an “eloquent witness to the whimsy of our Creator” (p. 11). Christians who have reduced their faith into mere moralism may find Yunker’s book off-putting – which is probably why they should read it.

As far as I know, this book isn’t available for purchase anywhere, however, it can be found for download if one is willing to look around the web a bit.

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