Books Read in 2012: No. 20 – From the Cauldron to the Cross

In this book, author Shari Hadley shares her journey from being a practitioner of Wicca to being a disciple of Jesus Christ. What immediately strikes the reader is Hadley’s honesty as she opens her heart and shares the abuse of her childhood and the tragedies she faced throughout her life. In fact, it is in the face of tragedy that Hadley realizes her Wiccan faith has little to offer and turns to God Almighty, almost against her will.

Her story then becomes an honest account of her attempt to decipher what impact her new found faith should have in her life. Every Christian can learn from Hadley’s journey and should examine their faith under the same light.

This book is touching because the faith Hadley sought and desperately needed wasn’t just an intellectual or emotional faith. It was the practical, living faith that could only be found in the Holy Trinity. The reader can hardly resist being drawn into her story and encouraged by the means God took to orchestrate her salvation in the midst of heartache.

I highly recommend this book for all Christians. It may be of special interest to those reader who practice, or have a history with, Wicca.

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