Book Review of Dinner With a Perfect Stranger: An Invitation Worth Considering by David Gregory

The premise of the book “Dinner With a Perfect Stranger” is simple; business man Nick Cominsky receives a dinner invitation from Jesus Himself. Though suspecting it is a hoax, the skeptical Cominsky honors the invitation and finds a modernized Christ in a suit and tie awaiting him at the restaurant. It takes Cominsky awhile to buy into the idea that he is actually speaking with Christ, but once he does the ensuing conversation is quite beneficial to the reader. Cominsky throws all of the usual objections at Jesus; topics covered include suffering, other religions, and sin. Gregory’s work is in essence an apology wrapped in a narrative.  

I must admit that my heart skips a beat anytime I see writers use Jesus as a character. It seems more prudent to allow our Lord and Savior to speak to us rather than presuming to speak for Him; however, I must admit that Gregory’s story works. There are no shocking moments and Gregory makes no attempt to reshape Christianity – rather, Gregory’s Jesus makes a case for why Christianity is relevant in our modern, hurried life.  

Perhaps the most edifying aspect of this short book is its focus on our relationship with Christ. I highly recommend it for skeptics and Christians who have nagging doubts. For those on a budget, “Dinner With a Perfect Stranger” is available in Kindle format for just .99 cents.


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